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Our team posts here about successful projects, software engineering, stories from the cloud, project management, DevOps, security, and much more. In short – everything we deal with in our day-to-day business.

My first Flutter project as an long time Angular developer

I am a full stack software engineer with 10 years of experience with .Net (Core) and Angular (I have started with AngularJS).

We, at Novaloop needed an MVP (or rather a working prototype) and we decided to implement it in Flutter. We chose Flutter mainly because we wanted to be quick and we wanted the MVP to potentially run on all different platforms.

Testing @ Novaloop

We like to write tests and we mean it.

To keep it that way for all of us we use a modern test stack and simplify our daily testing routine as much as possible. This also means that we don't have to provide multi-page documentation on the test setup for our projects. How do we do that? Like this!

Low Code Admin Panel

A low-code solution for our customers' rapid success.

In one of our recently completed customer projects, the goal was to get to market as quickly as possible. Not too many things were to be reinvented.

There are already countless, excellent CMS systems on the market. That's why we decided to use such a low-code solution as admin panel for this project.

Swisscom Health - Updating the EHR Infrastructure

Swisscom AG, or more specifically its Swisscom Health division, is a leader in networked solutions in the rapidly growing eHealth market. Its customers include renowned Swiss healthcare institutions. Swisscom Health is also the technology provider for XAD Stammgemeinschaft, Switzerland’s number one EHR service provider.

Did a Facebook security breach lead to my phone number being published?

It was revealed a few days ago that a huge amount of Facebook user data had been leaked online, with over 500 million accounts affected. This is estimated to account for around 20% of all Facebook users [1]. This includes more than 1.5 million Swiss accounts [2].