DevOps combines software development (Dev) and operations (Ops). DevOps offers enormous added value. When development and operations teams work together, lead times are reduced, more frequent deployments are possible, and software quality increases.

Is your software solution already being successfully delivered to your customers using DevOps principles?

If the DevOps approach is implemented correctly, your company will benefit from leaner processes and higher quality in the delivery of new software functions.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Shorter release cycles (time-to-market).
  • Shorter feedback cycles
  • Higher system availability and stability
  • Shorter recovery times in case of disaster

Novaloop is a DevOps expert and will take your platform to the next level. In one of our blog articles you can see how we implemented a suitable DevOps solution for our customer, Swisscom.


Novaloop provides consulting or hands-on support - in every phase of your project. We are used to modernize complex application landscapes. Be it a Shift Left transformation, a Lift and Shift Cloud Migration or just a selective improvement in the release process, we understand the appropriate methods and technologies and find a suitable solution for you.


As a result of the design phase, concrete user stories are usually defined. Here are some examples of activities in the various areas within the DevOps approach:

  • Modernization of software components for operation in the cloud (The Twelve-Factor App)
  • Creation of automated tests (CI pipeline).
  • Continuous deployment of new releases (CD pipeline)
  • Automatic provisioning of infrastructure dependencies (Kubernetes, VMs, databases, storage, etc.)
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting (logs, traces, metrics, alerts, dashboards)
  • Centrally managed integration of security and compliance requirements (DevSecOps)
  • Creation of tools for simplified onboarding of new team members, e.g. automatic startup of a local development and test environment