Interfaces & Adapters

Unfortunately, the new CRM system cannot be synchronized directly and automatically with the existing ERP solution.

Novaloop knows the interface documentation and can quickly assess whether integration is possible. Then Novaloop takes over the integration of the two systems. This ensures smooth operation.

We talk API and bring together what belongs together

We talk directly to the suppliers, read and understand the documentation of the various interfaces.

If you wish, we take over the project management. We coordinate the different suppliers and ask if something is missing or not delivered on time.

We organize the project flow around your daily business. This way there are as few interruptions as possible and you can continue working as usual.

Experience and large toolbox

We bring years of experience and quickly find the right tools.

In our many years as software developers, we have already seen and worked with many different interfaces. Be it laboratory equipment, self-developed CRM solutions, ERP solutions off the shelf or simple documents in different folders. With a good conscience we can say that we have always found a suitable solution for all areas.

Not every interface requires an expensive in-house development. Sometimes systems can simply be brought together with so-called no- or low-code solutions. We know when and how.

We take our time and think our way into your domain so that we can find a solution soon and easily. Nobody knows your domain as well as you do and you are the specialists. We adapt to your language and adopt your terms.

In the course of our time as software developers we have already successfully thought our way into various domains, for example prenatal diagnostics, chemical and microbiological analysis of environmental samples but also fund management, eHealth interfaces and also hydraulics and mechanical manufacturing.