Independent IT Consulting

Many years of experience with numerous customers from a wide range of industries help us to understand your processes and your needs.

We want to be your first point of contact. Together we will find the right solution or the right partner.

Sometimes the first step is the most difficult one. The IT landscape is large and divided into different areas of expertise. It is not always easy to recognize which challenge should be served by which area of expertise. This is where we can help you. Thanks to our profound knowledge and many in-depth trainings, we can quickly identify good partners and give a cooperation the necessary kickstart.

Customized Software Development

Our solutions are not off-the-shelf ones, but rather tailored precisely to you and your company's needs.

The question often arises as to whether it is worth adapting internal workflows to a common industry solution. Or is it better to have a tailor-made software developed?

A hybrid approach exists, of course. Why would you want to reinvent everything if a working solution already exists? We can help you evaluate and analyze existing solutions. Together, we can then decide if an industry solution is a good fit. We can adapt or extend this solution for you.

In close cooperation with you, we develop individual web applications and apps. In doing so, we pay attention to an understandable structure, good usability and the highest quality. We are an agile team with short communication channels.

Custom-fit Interfaces

Do you already have the perfect ERP solution that is optimally tailored to your company and that all employees like to use? But unfortunately there is no smart warehouse management in this ERP solution and now you want to introduce the industry standard warehouse management software? We help you to connect these two solutions.

Through our experience and from our previous projects we know most of the problems that a synchronization of two systems can bring with it and can address and exclude them from the beginning.

Future-proof Modernization of IT Landscapes

Are you investing in digitization and striving for more innovation, speed and flexibility? Are you challenged to permanently reduce costs and adhere to ever more extensive security and compliance regulations?

On the other hand, are you struggling with a sprawling set of disparate applications that are difficult to integrate? Are you running monolithic applications that are at the end of their lifecycle? Your infrastructure is rigid and does not adequately support new business areas? And, of course, all existing systems have to run stably despite all the changes?

With the help of a modernization of your existing applications, you get a system landscape that is future-proof on the one hand and that you do not have to reintroduce into your company on the other. In addition, your operating costs can be reduced through cloud-based hosting and by using modern methods such as DevOps.

Value adding Data Visualizations

Surely you have all your operational figures well prepared and always at hand. But maybe you need to retrieve these figures from different data sources or the data is not presented clearly enough?

We develop the perfect dashboard / cockpit for you. For this purpose, we retrieve your data and figures from various sources and process them in an understandable and clear way for you.

You will always be one step ahead!

Productivity enhancing Automation - a pleasure to use

We all know of one. A task that we have to do every day, every week or every month. The same repetitive tasks over and over again.

Numbers have to be transferred from one spreadsheet to another. The database of the website ought to be updated and the results of a lab instrument have to be transferred to an information system...

Such repetitive tasks are destined to become annoying and time-consuming especially when pressure is high and more important tasks are vying for your attention.

We are experts and know how to automate such workflows.

Non-binding Digitalization Check

Digitization. A buzzword of the current millennium that wants to be taken seriously. Because almost everyone has it - the one process that hasn't really arrived in the new, digital world yet.

We would like to help you digitize this process as well. As a well-rehearsed team, we are used to discussing various ideas and running through solution models for you in a short period of time. This results in innovative and modern approaches for long-established processes.

Engineer as a Service

You want to enlarge your software department or are looking for a replacement for a developer? Currently it is difficult to fill a vacancy with a suitable person. We help out and bridge the gap until the perfect candidate is found.

Due to our broad and long experience in many different industries, we are skilled in quickly getting to grips with problems. This enables us to quickly make a noteworthy contribution to day-to-day business.

You can find more information in our factsheet.

Sustainable Life Cycle Management

The construction of a software can be compared with that of a house.

A house also needs constant maintenance. This is the only way to prevent the entire property from having to be completely renovated or even torn down just 40 years after it was built.

With software it is very similar, only the time periods are shorter. The security systems of the software, unlike those of houses, must be regularly updated. Minor maintenance needs to be done repeatedly and sometimes it needs new windows or heating.

In the longer term, regular maintenance and upgrades pay off. The chances of your company falling victim to a cyberattack are drastically reduced and we prevent the need for total renovation after just a few years.

Mature DevOps Methodology

A key part of a quality software solution is being able to bring it to market quickly and cost-effectively. Integrating operational aspects into the development process right from the start is crucial. This discipline is called "DevOps" or "DevSecOps" and we know all about it.

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, we ensure that your software can be deployed and operated efficiently, reliably and securely. We consult, automate and develop tools around the Cloud Native ecosystem (Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, GitOps etc.).