Prime Software Engineering

Welcome to Novaloop! Novaloop stands up for the fact that your orders entrusted to us are always conceived and realized in a quality, effective, efficient and timely manner.

We vouch for this with over 40 years of combined experience at Expert Software Engineer level and know exactly the specific IT needs, requirements and possibilities of demanding SMEs, corporations and public institutions.

We communicate in German and English, support all our contact persons in the concierge service mode requested by the customer (be it onsite, offsite or hybrid) and the central office of our small, though extremely agile software manufacture is located not far from the Escher-Wyss-Platz in Zurich.


IT Consulting

IT concepts and independent consulting around your IT landscape



Software Development

Demand-driven, effective and efficient software solutions



Interfaces & Apps

Integration between different programs and data sources



Modernization of IT Landscapes

Applications and systems fit for the future (Cloud, DevOps)


Value adding

Data Visualizations

Data sets from various sources in clear dashboards or cockpits


Productivity enhancing


Workflows and data integrations done as if by an invisible hand



Digitalization Check

Identifying, assessing and implementing digital potential together



Interim Service

If you have not yet filled a software developer position



Life Cycle Management

Software development, maintenance and renewal