You have the idea - we help you implement it

You have the brilliant idea for a software solution that will make your business more successful and your employees happier? We help you to implement it.

Our many years of experience help us to quickly identify the key aspects of the solution and to work with you to identify them. The agile approach enables you to reap the first benefits after just a few weeks.

What happens next?

Contact us without obligation

We meet digitally or analog for a first conversation. We get to know each other and you present your idea to us.

We spontaneously give you a first feedback and collect information.

Soon we realize if it could fit, if we can all imagine a collaboration and if we can also imagine the implementation technically.


In a next step we invite you to a workshop.

We will all prepare for this workshop. For this purpose we will work out an agenda in advance. This agenda should help us to decide who should be at the first workshop. It makes sense that we already have the right people at the table at this workshop. These should be, for example, the employees who will be using the software, but also the decision-makers who are already involved in the project.

The goal of the workshop is that we can concretize the idea. We will identify systems and areas in the solution and clearly separate them from each other. First misunderstandings will be clarified and we will find a common language.

Perhaps we have already determined a first version, an MVP (Most-Valuable-Product). This version should already be implementable in a few weeks and lay the foundation for all additional features and yet already bring a first added value.

Afterwards we will provide you with a documentation of the workshop, which will enable you to start with the project - with or without us.

Kick off

Of course, we hope that you will choose us and we will start the project together. In a first kick-off meeting we set the budget for the whole project and roughly determine all the features that should be included. We then divide the overall project into iterations of about two weeks. We agree on how we will communicate with each other during the project, on which channels and at what fixed intervals. Above all, we need contact persons for each other who can be reached at the lowest possible threshold and who can quickly clarify open questions.

Then we get started!


Before each iteration, which lasts about two weeks, we sit down and define the features that will be implemented in that iteration. We keep the entire list of all features in a so-called backlog throughout the project. The features are divided in such a way that the most important features are kept on top of the list and the less important ones further down.

In the session before the iteration, it is up to you to decide which features we will implement. We have already estimated the features in advance and then commit to implement them in the given time with the estimated effort.

During the whole time there is always a current version of the software available. At the end of the iteration all new features are implemented in this version and can be tested by you.


We develop agilely, but not dogmatically.

We talk to each other, even during iteration, as often as necessary, but also as little as possible. A meeting is a means to an end, it can also be cancelled sometimes, e.g. if we have already clarified everything beforehand or we spontaneously make a meeting because something unplannable came up.

At any time you have a working test environment at your disposal. Here you can test the current, but also the older features and involve your employees at an early stage.

We will not sign any requirement specification or cost ceiling. But we think it is very important that we all have the same idea of the project scope. We work transparently and you can always see where we stand in the project. You decide where we put the emphasis.

We accept and react to changes. It makes little sense for us to develop the software in a direction that no one enjoys and adds no value. With the short iterations and your prioritizations we make sure that we develop the right thing and not only that we develop correctly.

Development methods and principles

Continuous Deployment

To meet the requirements of you and us, we rely on continuous deployment. This means that we can release each version of the software within minutes and make it available to you.

Test Driven Development

We make sure that the software is well and meaningfully automated tested in all its aspects. This is the only way to ensure that we do not break old features when developing new ones.

Software Architecture

Early in the project, we decide on an architecture together. Our experience helps us to make the right decisions early on and then not regret them later.

What makes us stand out

  • we help you to recognize the business values, our experience helps you to recognize and pick them out
  • we think ourselves into your domain, we speak your language and not vice versa
  • we are the personal union of manager, project management and development. This reduces overhead and helps to identify misunderstandings early on.
  • agile does not simply mean "Scrum", we put the people in the center, the customer, the users, but also the developers.
  • the goal is to have a product very early, really early, that creates real added value and then develop it further in close cooperation with you
  • we have all worked on many projects and bring a lot of experience with us
  • we look for the best solution for you at the current time for the exact purpose, so that we can move forward quickly and also cost-efficiently
  • we strive for a sustainable partnership with you