Engineer as a Service

At the moment it is difficult for many companies to find, recruit and onboard the right Software Architect. We offer you a straightforward vacancy/bridge solution. 

Key points

  • Support by an Expert Software Engineer
  • Short lead time from discussion to implementation of the Engineer as a Service solution.


  • Combined we have over 30 years experience as Expert Software Engineer, we speak German, English, C#, Typescript and many more programming languages and support our contact persons in personal contact onsite, offsite or hybrid.
  • We are a Softwaremanufaktur and stand without ifs and buts for quality, effective, efficient and on-time conception and realization of your software projects.

Selection of reasons for Engineer as a Service service

  • New creation/replacement of a software development function. 
  • Substitute solution for the time of a stay abroad, maternity or paternity leave 
  • Reinforcement of innovation, transformation, change or turnaround initiatives. 
  • Replacement during absences due to illness, accidents, or other reasons 
  • Continuity assurance in ongoing software team/project, etc.

Your personal Novaloop contact

If you currently or in the future have staff shortages in the areas of Software Architecture, Frontend (Angular, Flutter, Javascript, Typescript, Dart, Nodejs), Backend (C# .Net Core), Systems Automation, DevOps etc. and would like to learn more about Novaloop's Engineer as a Service service, I would be happy to hear from you.