We are Novaloop. But actually this is about you!

We’re a small team with over 40 years of combined experience in software development. For us, nothing is more important than providing excellent quality and ensuring ustomer satisfaction. Software is our passion, and we strongly believe that it should be of high quality. Good software not only creates value for you, it’s also a lot of fun and a worthwhile investment in the long run. Good software comes at a price, but one, that pays off.

When you purchase quality software, you enter a long-term relationship, because it’s an ongoing process involving regular inspection and updates. Thanks to our many years of experience, we always know what steps need to be taken next for your software and can offer the perfect package for you and your needs.

We’ll listen to you

We want to get to know you and understand your needs. We know from experience that many things are not as clear as they first seem. We’ll cooperate with you in workshops to work out the detailed requirements for the software. This has two advantages: We learn about your requirements, and you learn how to get the most use out of our software.

We’re always up to date and constantly improving for your benefit

We don’t just develop software, we develop ourselves too. We’re highly motivated and stay up to date with the latest technology. This way, we can be sure that your software will still be running smoothly five years from now, and can be easily expanded.

We work according to the latest technological standards and follow current developments in the industry. This allows us to ensure that all of us can maintain and develop your software. We aim to develop durable, top-quality software that can be passed on to another team if required.

360° User Experience

User experience is very important to us. For us, software is only ideal when it can be used by the target group with pleasure and efficiency. We love to surprise our customers with that "certain something" in the user interface. We work closely with our partners to develop the optimal solution for you and your company using analytical methods.

Security By Design

We take IT security very seriously. We work according to the "Security By Design" principle by systematically analyzing and evaluating the respective security features of a system as early as the design phase. Together with our customers, we determine the need for protection and implement the specific data protection and data security measures.

We are used to designing applications and systems in highly sensitive IT environments, i.e. IT environments with very high protection requirements. Read here how we successfully implemented a comprehensive modernization of an eHealth platform.

Swiss-made software

Novaloop is proud to produce «Swiss-made software».

This label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software industry, bringing together typical Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision in the field of software development.