Swisscom AG

Swisscom AG, or more specifically its Swisscom Health division, provides services and solutions in the healthcare/eHealth market.

Novaloop helped Swisscom Health design its platform for the electronic health register (EHR). Take a look at our blog article for more information.

We worked with Novaloop for the design and development of our cloud-native platform. We are very satisfied with the implementation of the task and the project results. Our new platform has increased the autonomy of our development teams, massively cut deployment times and ultimately increased efficiency in delivery.

Federico Marmori, Head of Development & Operations Health at Swisscom

Schweizerischer Mieterinnen- und Mieterverband Deutschschweiz

The Dachverband der kantonalen und überregionalen Mieterinnen- und Mieterverbände in der Deutschschweiz (MVD) offers its sections various services in the areas of administration, technical support systems, communication and campaigning.

In cooperation with EcoLogic AG, Novaloop has further developed a service that brings together the various peripheral systems of the MVD and the sections and keeps the necessary data up to date while complying with data protection requirements. In addition, Novaloop participated in the conception and implementation of a uniform login (single sign-on) across all peripheral systems. Novaloop also supervised and helped develop the containerization and installation of the ERP system in a Kubernetes cluster.


SIHLMED is a centre for integrative medicine in the centre of Zurich.

Novaloop provides SIHLMED with consultation and software in the area of practice automation.

eHealthSolutions GmbH

eHealthSolutions GmbH specialises in digital networking solutions in the healthcare industry (eHealth).

Novaloop assists them in designing an end-to-end encrypted chat service for doctors.