Matthias Langhard

Co-Founder & Software Engineer
+41 77 268 64 39

Matthias discovered his passion for computers at an early age. After a lenghty pestering campaign, Matthias was finally able to convince his parents to get him his first computer at the age of 10. On this computer running on Windows 3.1, Matthias gained his first experience of programming languages like QBasic and batch programming.

Matthias spent the early stages of his computing career in the area of System Engineering, where he configured networks and firewalls, commissioned servers and monitored and mantained various systems for a wide range of customers.

His interest in software development didn’t wain during this time. In fact, it grew exponentially, and it was broad-ranging. Matthias also gained valuable programming experience, which he was able to put to good use with the assistance of automation and scripts in the area of system engineering.

While studying for his B.Sc. in Computer Science, Matthias became fully focused on software engineering.

In his role as a Fullstack Web Engineer, he planned and developed various web applications for a range of customers and industries. He led these projects through every stage, from the initial analysis and the tender offer right through to the implementation and subsequent maintenance and further development.

Matthias likes to spend his free time with his family. He also enjoys his sports, and lets off steam in the analogue world with a game of disc golf. He also spends his time on other technical pursuits such as open source contributions, Linux systems and cryptography.


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Full Stack Development

  • ASP .NET Core
  • C#
  • Angular
  • GraphQL
  • Ionic
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • RxJS
  • SQL (PostgreSQL / MSSQL / MySQL / MariaDB)
  • HTML und CSS

DevOps / System Automation

  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • Istio
  • Docker
  • Linux/Unix Administration
  • Bash
  • Networking

Further interests

  • Cryptography
  • Open Source Software
  • Network Security

Work experience

2016 - 2021

Full Stack Software Engineer / Project Leader / Technical Lead

  • Planned, designed and implemented various medium-sized web applications in the front end and the back end using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks
  • Designed, planned and implemented a medium-sized multitenant, multi-database SaaS application
  • Migrated applications and services to the cloud using technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker and VPNs.
  • Worked on the architecture and implementation of complex CD/CI (Continous Deployment, Continous Integration) mechanisms
  • Introduced new project management frameworks such as Kanban and Scrum
  • Maintained Linux application servers

2012 - 2016

System Engineering / System Architect Basic Infrastructure / Project Leader

  • Introduced a multilayer VLAN network infrastructure to separate production-relevant systems from office devices
  • Project management and client engineering in the rollout of Windows 8.1 for ~350 employees and computer systems
  • Maintained medium-sized ESXi clusters and storage environments
  • Developed various smaller .NET applications to support production facilities and for automation tasks
  • Developed a Linux raspberry-pi WLAN-to-Ethernet bridge, which was used to print labels on forklifts with power consumption below 12 V

2008 - 2011

System Engineering / System Architect Basic Infrastructure / Project Leader at EcoLogic AG

  • Inspected and maintained various server and network systems
  • Planned and implemented small and medium system engineering projects


2014 - 2018

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science

At the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)